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General Features of our Gel Products

Highly Durable - Our gels are highly resistant to ozone, UV rays, and chemicals, making them ideal for a large range of diverse applications.

Consistent Performance - Even in extreme conditions (-40°C to 200°C) the gels provide stable performance.

Safe - the gels are non-toxic, non-allergenic and emit no harmful gasses when burned.


Add more or divide SN Sheet flexibly for a wide range of load requirements.
• Just place it under the device. Removable anytime.
• Stable with small resonance magnication and little horizontal distortion.

Part # Optimum Load
(kg/1 sheet)
Point (Hz)
Magnification (dB)
Frequency (Hz)
91029 0.5 ~ 2 27 ~ 21 6 38 ~ 1.4 ~ 3.0 yellow
91030 2 ~ 5 29 ~ 33 8 40 ~ 1.5 ~ 2.5 green
91031 5 ~ 15 26 ~ 18 13 37 ~ 1.1 ~ 2.2 orange
91032 15 ~ 50 22 ~ 15 20 ~ 18 30 ~ 0.7 ~ 2.0 blue


  • Place SN Sheet (or portions of them) so that the vibrating object becomes stable.
  • Place SN Sheet so that the load of the vibrating object is spread evenly on the projections.
  • Placing a flat plate on the top surface of SN Sheet helps.
  • Remove the protective PET film from the bottom face before use.



Damping Characteristics

Application guideline:

  • For 0.3 kg load, add a plate to exceed 0.5 kg or use at least three squares of the divided SN-2.
  • For 10 kg load, use a sheet of SN-15 as it is or at least three squares of the divided SN-15.
  • For 80 kg load, use 2 sheets of SN-50.



Optimum Load
Each of our vibration damping products is designed to work best for a certain range of weight (optimum load). Select the
best one based on the load of the vibrating object. Optimum load assumes 4 points of support (one sheet for SN Sheet).

Resonance Point (Hz)
Resonance point is the frequency at which the object reaches maximum vibration when it is externally vibrated on a
vibration damping product. Resonance point is determined by the spring constant of the vibration damping products and
the weight of the vibrating object.

Resonance Magnification (dB)
Resonance magnification is the ratio, at resonance point, of the vibration amplitude with the vibration damping products to
that without them. The vibrating object will vibrate at about twice the amplitude at 6dB, at about five times at 14dB, and at
about ten times at 20dB, compared to when no vibration damping products are used.

Recommended Frequency (Hz)
For effective vibration damping, the frequency of the vibrating object needs to be at least √2 the resonance point.
Recommended frequency is defined as the range above this frequency. Select the best one based on the frequency of the
vibrating object.




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