Keystone Adds More Test Point Colours

May 2008 ... Identification of test points in high density PCB packages is a key to greater accuracy. Keystone Electronics has developed a series of new, additional colours to expand its line of rugged devices which replace wire-wrap posts and turret terminals. 

The new colours consist of Brown, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray which, in addition the existing Red, Black, White, Yellow and Orange, may be used on 062” (1.6) and .093” (2.4) thick PCB'S with a variety of gripping devices. Among these are J-Hooks, EZ-Hooks, Grabbers, Alligator Clips, Tips and Probes. The new designs also serve to keep on-board terminals perpendicular to the PCB so that relative position, during and after wave soldering is maintained. 

All ten colours now offered are available for use with the firm's Miniature, Compact and Multi-Purpose Test Points. Miniature types are manufactured from .010"(.25) Phosphor Bronze with Silver plating while Compact and Multi-Purpose types employ the same materials sized at .015"(.38) dia. Miniature types mount in a single .040"(1.0) dia. PCB hole while Compact and Multi-Purpose types mount in an .063"(1.6) dia. PCB hole.

A major manufacturer of interconnect components and electronic hardware, Keystone's capabilities include stamping, machining and assembly services. Application engineering assistance for product modifications and special designs are also available. ISO-9001-2000 certified and RoHS compliant, company headquarters are in the USA with offices in Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.



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