Nylon Pop Rivets Look Good and are More Versatile than Metal

Nylon Pop RivetsNylon pop rivets offer an exciting alternative to standard aluminium or steel pop rivets, especially from an aesthetic viewpoint.

  • These rivets are set with a standard installation tool in the same manner as metal pop rivets.
  • Nylon rivets offer protection from corrosion and electrical hazard. They provide good chemical resistance and are suitable for use underwater.
  • When set, the pin breaks off flush with the head, leaving an attractive, solid colour finished appearance. 
  • Auto manufacturers use these rivets for many applications including for soft materials such as rubber or padded fabrics.
  • Diameters ranging from 3.2 mm to 5.6 mm. The gripping range varies from 1.0 mm to 11.5 mm depending on the type.
  • Standard colours are Black and White, they can also be supplied in Beige and Grey to order, or for large quantities can be colour matched to suit your requirements.
  • UV Proofed Nylon Pop Rivets especially treated to resist UV rays are also available.

Material: Nylon 6/6 rivet body. Clear Polycarbonate mandrel. 

We stock a full range of Nylon Pop Rivets and can provide you with FREE samples.



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