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Wrap wire bundles, fuel lines, hoses to manage radiant heat, abrasion, EMI or just to keep them tidy. We stock a range of sleeving such as polyester expandable, fireproof, nomex, and many more.

Polyphenylene Sulfide Sleeving in particular has the advantages of having:

  • Resistance to acids, solvents, fuels and abrasion.
  • High temperature stability.
  • Low moisture absorption.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.

Cable TiesCable Ties

We stock an enormous range of cable ties that vary in size, capabilities, certification and price. Sometimes it can be daunting to figure out what will be the best to use in your next project.

HeatshrinkHeat Shrink

From advanced materials to innovative design – our range of heat shrink offers durable, long-term protection against moisture ingress, corrosion, mechanical damage and extremes of temperature.


Our range of Nylon Fasteners is one of the largest in Australia. From Cavity Fixing Anchors to Push and Pop Rivets and Arrow Clips, we stock products from world leading names in fasteners such as HEYCO, Micro Plastics and Keystone.

Conduit & Tubing

We have a range of rigid and flexible PVC construction conduit and compatible connectors, fittings and brackets. Our flex tubing is available in various diameters and can contain qualities such as abuse, pull, and crushing resistance or corrosion, oil and water resistance.

Plugs & Bushes

We have a large range of plugs and bushings that are ideal for use on doors, undercarriages, body panels, access panels and other open ports. Available in multiple styles, they provide a professional finished look.

Download Brochures 

Download brochures of selected product ranges. 
Available Brochures:

Heat Shrink Tubing
Sleeving Solutions
Compression Cable Lugs
Stainless Steel Cable Ties & Markers

Each brochure is for a specific range of products, allowing you to easily browse and select the product that best meets your requirements.

If a hard copy (ring-binder friendly!) brochure would be useful for you, please let us know and we will send you some.






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