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Copper Compression Lugs

Our Copper Compression Cable Lugs are electro-tinned e-copper with oxygen content < 300 ppm and a plating purity of 99.9% with a thickness of 4-8 microns. Their electrical conductivity is rated at 98-99.9% and are AS/NZS 4325:1 compliant. Please download the PDF brochure to browse the full range and specifications.

We also offer an epoxy-polyester coated version of each cable tie which can provide additional surface protection and a barrier to resist corrosion between dissimilar metals.

For the full range of sizes for each product as well as cable tie installation tools, please use the PDF link below to download a brochure. 

pdf fileDownload Brochure



Standard electro-tinned, high conductivity e-copper lugs provide superior performance and longevity even under high load. Our range fits cable sizes from 1.5 - 1000 mm2.
Ball Lock Steel Cable Tie


With their flared barrel these bell mouth lugs provide faster and easier conductor entry for finely-stranded cables. Our range fits cable sizes from 10 - 300 mm2.
Bell Mouth Compression Lugs


The longer barrel allows for a stronger crimp. Our range fits cable sizes from 16 - 630 mm2.
Compression Lug - Long Barrel, sealed palm


The long palm provides improved connectivity through a larger surface area for secure connections. Our range fits cable sizes from 10 - 630 mm2
Compression Lug - Long Sealed Palm


Easily and securely join cables with minimal loss in conductivity. Electro-tinned e-copper Compression Links feature a cable stop in the middle to prevent over-insertion. Our range fits cable sizes from 1.5 - 630 mm2.
Compression Links



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