UPDATED - Stainless Steel Cable Ties, Banding and Buckles

Stainless Steel Cable TiesOur steel cable ties, bands and buckles are made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel with high resistance to hostile environments eg. corrosive chemicals, temperature, UV radiation & abrasion.

Typical applications: marine, indoor, outdoor, heavy industrial areas, underground applications, electric and solar power facilities.

We also offer an epoxy-polyester coated version of each cable tie which can provide additional surface protection and a barrier to resist corrosion between dissimilar metals.

For the full range of sizes for each product as well as cable tie installation tools, please use the PDF link below to download a brochure. 

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Unique, self-locking mechanism allows fast and easy application. Fully enclosed head stops dirt or grit from interfering with locking mechanism.
Ball Lock Steel Cable Tie


The ladder-style design of these ties gives them greater flexibility when compared to a standard stainless steel cable tie. Extended ladder slot provides larger bundle diameter with the same length of tie. A hole at the tail-end allows application of hook-type tools.
Ladder-type steel cable tie


Strong, durable method of fastening and bundling. The bundle diameter can be adjusted after initial loose assembly but before tensioning and securing. The buckle wings can be bent over the excess banding to increase the strength of the connection.
Stainless steel wing lock cable tie


Ratchet-style clamping buckle makes this cable tie ideal for applications that may require future loosening or removal eg. for maintenance or inspection. The two long banding edges are rounded and smooth to prevent cutting into cables and for safer handling.
Steel cable tie - universal clamping


Make your own custom cable ties of almost any size. Often used with piping, ducting and large structures. Suitable Buckles: Wing-Type Buckle, Toothed Buckle and Screw-Type Buckle. Smooth, burr-free edges. Roll length: 30m.
Steel Banding


Wing Buckle - Can be used with many types of stainless steel banding. Holds a single or double wrapped band configuration.
Screw Buckle - With hexagon socket set screw. Releasable and re-usable.
Tooth Buckle - Can be used with many types of stainless steel banding. 
Buckles for steel banding


Marker plates can be embossed or laser etched to provide permanent identification that resists corrosion, abrasion and radiation. For 7.9 mm stainless steel cable ties. Custom sizes available - please contact us.
steel marker plates


Band tensioners and various tools for fastening and cutting stainless steel cable ties.
steel cable tie tools



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