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"In 1986 Les Halfpenny and I established NPA in the basement of a stationary wholesale business in Waymouth Street, Adelaide. Our surroundings certainly could not be described as luxurious and we both had to look upwards to see any hint of daylight that filtered through the small glass panels embedded into the footpath outside the building. 
Within ten years NPA had matured into Australasia's leading supplier of Cable & Wiring Accessories, and is now operating from our modern warehouse facility in Kilkenny, South Australia. Today we continue as a potent force in the Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing Industry. 
I am often asked “Why has NPA been successful when other businesses have not?”. I believe it is because we established some excellent partnerships early, and were (and still are) blessed with outstanding and long-serving staff. We value day-after-day reliability, persistence and we respond to our client's changing needs with solid solutions that just work. 
Today we still maintain those close relationships with our suppliers that we started with 30 years ago. They backed our idea 3 decades ago, and today we consider them family. We have suppliers from all over the world and our own NPA manufactured products are second to none in value and quality.
I will forever be thankful to my family, our staff, our clients and our suppliers.
I am proud of our role in Australia's manufacturing industry. Our team has shared in the tears as well as the successes. These are challenging times for manufacturers in Australia. We stand in solidarity and sympathy with our partners in this sector because we believe that our success will always be linked to the success of our customers. "

Frank Nardone
Frank Nardone
Founder and Managing Director of NPA PTY LTD



Major product lines distributed by NPA include: 

NPA Pty Ltd, Cable Ties & Accessories, Pre-Insulated Terminals, Compression Lugs, Insulated Ferrules, Tube Plugs & Caps, Heatshrink Tubing, Tools, Nylon Wall Anchors.

Delaunay D. A manufacturer of high performance cable glands and cable gland accessories for mining, marine, rail, military and other applications that require specialised or instrinsically safe components.

Heyco Products Inc, Offers an extensive selection of Strain Relief Bushings, Insulating Bushings, Nylon Hole Plugs, Liquid Tight Fittings, Cable Clips & Clamps, IEC Connectors, Wire Positioning & Terminating Products.

Keystone Electronics Corp, Battery Holders, Fuse Clips & Holders, Micro Pins & Jacks, Quick-Fit Terminals, Plugs & Jacks, Screw Terminals, LED Spacers, Instrument Handles, Plus much More….

Micro Plastics Inc, The World's largest manufacturer of Nylon Fasteners, Featuring; Screws, Bolts & Threaded Rod, Nuts, Washers & Screw Insulators, Nylon Spacers & PCB Mounts, Panel Clips & Fasteners, Wire Positioning Hardware & Accessories, Circuit Board Hardware.


Our Team

 Frank Nardone
Managing Director
Frank Nardone is the Managing Director of NPA. He comes from a technical background and has been in the electronics industry for more than 35 years. In this time he has owned and managed a number of outstandingly successful businesses. It is his entrepreneurial management expertise and marketing skills that keep the company on track and moving forward. These days Frank is a seasoned international traveler and is often overseas in Asia, Europe or the US looking for and evaluating new products and ideas that can be used to complement and enhance the NPA business.


Michael Burton
General Manager
Michael Burton is responsible for the internal operating procedures and management of the staff that keep the NPA business effective and efficient on a day to day basis. Michael has been involved at all levels of the electronics industry for more than 30 years and at NPA he is responsible for sales and purchasing through to IT management and account keeping. Michael is the person with his finger right on the pulse of the NPA business.


Nancy Van Dijl
Like many Australians, Nancy Van Dijl has a rich multicultural past. She was born in Argentina and moved to South Africa when she was 8 years old, then to Australia in 2018. Nancy can speak three languages - Spanish, Afrikaans and English and has considerable experience in business and accounting having worked for financial, property and law firms in the past.


Michael Hawkes
Sales Co-ordinator
Michael Hawkes is a member of the NPA customer sales and support team. Michael maintains the internal client databases and contact lists, an important job which ensures that all NPA clients are kept up to date with new developments and product innovations. Michael has over 20 years experience in the industry and is often to be found helping customers find the perfect part for their application.


Kevin Jurrius
Product Specialist
Kevin has over a decade of experience in self-employment and in recent years he has had roles as State Manager in SA for AVNet and Business Development Manager for Arrow Altech - a South African electronic components distributor. Kevin brings a wealth of international experience in the electronics industry and will be spending time on the road meeting customers. We encourage you to contact him to say g'day. 


Jason Clark
Jason oversees the logistics operations keeping the warehouse and stock in order while also assisting with enquiries from customers and suppliers. He is also a keen lacrosse player and a lead bassist in a band.


Corey Townley
Corey helps keep the warehouse operations on track, picking, packing and dispatching your orders. He is also known for his custom DIY home projects and practical solutions. He is an experienced archer and his 'archer's eye' for detail is a valued asset.




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