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NPA PTY LTD Australasia's leading supplier of cable management products, including termination products, fasteners, plugs, bushings & spacers and tools. See this page for full product details. 
Delaunay D A manufacturer of high performance cable glands and cable gland accessories for mining, marine, rail, military and other applications that require specialised or instrinsically safe components.
Heyco Products Inc offers an extensive selection of strain relief bushings, insulating bushings, nylon hole plugs, liquid tight fittings, cable clips & clamps, IEC connectors, wire positioning & terminating products.
Micro Plastics Inc, is the world's largest manufacturer of nylon fasteners, featuring; screws, bolts & threaded rod, nuts, washers & screw insulators, nylon spacers & PCB mounts, panel clips & fasteners, wire positioning hardware & accessories, circuit board hardware.
Keystone Electronics Corp, has battery holders, fuse clips & holders, micro pins & jacks, quick-fit terminals, plugs & jacks, screw terminals, LED spacers, instrument handles, plus much more.

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